My Old Kentucky Home Renovations: Before

This is the exterior of our home when Jay purchased it in 2009. The past year and a half brought a lot of changes to my corner of world - engagement and marriage, a new job, the loss of a family member, adopting a dog, moving into a new (old) house, and renovating said house. I find disorderly spaces extremely stressful, so while they are definitely the most trivial things on the list, moving and home renovations were the most unnerving.

So here’s the backstory… Jay and I live in an 1880’s Victorian cottage near downtown Lexington, and we’re I’m trying to make it livable for a 21st century couple. My husband purchased the house several years before we met, and since I was renting during the time we were dating, it was the obvious choice to live in his house after we got married. Jay lived in the house for 5 years before before I moved in, which gave him 5 years to turn it into the ultimate bachelor pad i.e. fancy bottles of bourbon displayed in every room, newspaper cutouts of UK basketball players taped various places, a general lack of cohesiveness...You get the picture.

To give you an idea of what we’re working with, here are some great things about our house:

  • Great location 
  • Charm out the wazoo
  • Large foyer, family room, and dining room
  • Expansive brick patio in the fenced-in backyard

Here’s what it is lacking:

  • Large (or even medium-sized) updated kitchen
  • Storage
  • Garage

Warning: What you are about to view is downright scary. These are the pictures of the house when Jay purchased it in 2009. It is the ultimate before.

Each week, I plan to share a different piece of the renovation story. In the past 12 months, we’ve eliminated a bedroom to add a master bathroom and closet, demolished a bathroom to create an office nook, enclosed our laundry/pantry/utility room, rebuilt our front porch, added a new roof, painted several rooms, and re-landscaped 75% of the yard. While I don’t plan to knock down more walls anytime soon, I do have a lot of home improvement and decorating projects that I’m planning to tackle. Stay tuned for some "after" pictures and in-progress updates.