Friday Favorites

Can you believe that we are already 2/3 of the way through November? Fall is flying by, but here are a few things that we've made time for over the past week. friday

1. Brie Recipe

It was my turn to host Bible study this week, and this recipe looked like the perfect appetizer I could quickly put together after a long day at work. I mean, what group of women doesn't love brie? I thought the fresh thyme, roasted almonds, and balsamic vinegar might kick it up a notch from just a regular warmed brie offering. I was right about those things, but as I was rushing around the sweep the floor and set up other food and drink items, the brie melted a little too much in the oven. If you make this recipe, I advise lowering the temperature (I already lowered my oven to about 325) and only leaving it in the oven for 10ish minutes. Also, check it regularly, which is what I should have done. Instead of serving a pretty brie wheel, I served a delicious brie dip. And guess was the first thing to go! -Laura

2.  Tumbles Gets a Wheelchair

I am a major sucker for cute puppy videos, and this might just be the best one in a while. I have to admit, I found this video while scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed. It seems like Facebook has been extra negative lately, but finding this video about Tumbles and his new wheelchair made this particular social media binge worth it. If you ever feel like you need a simultaneous laugh and good cry, check this video out. -Sarah

3.  #OptOutside

It's one week away from Black Friday. Such a divisive day! I have some friends who are first to bust through the doors of the mall as it is scheduled to open and others who absolutely refuse to take part in the consumer culture. My mom, sister, and I trypically go shopping on Black Friday, but we wait until mid-morning to hit the stores and find that most of the crazed shoppers who started running through the mall at midnight have gone home or are slumped on a bench drinking an Orange Julius. It's actually a really pleasant experience. Since we live a couple of hours apart from each other, it is a great excuse to go shopping together and get started on our Christmas shopping.

REI is closing its doors to customers and paying its employees to #OptOutside, which I think is a really refreshing idea. What do you think? Will you be at the mall? -Laura

4.  Monogrammed Scarf

It seems like I've been seeing this scarf everywhere lately, and in my opinion, it would make a perfect Christmas gift. With the recent trend of plaid blanket scarves, this is a more classic option that is available for both males and females and that would definitely please multiple people on your Christmas list--I'm thinking moms, in-laws, co-workers, anyone really! My personal pick is the blackwatch option, and I think it would look great under a winter coat or even paired with a black turtleneck for a classic winter look. Throw a monogram on this puppy, and you've got yourself the perfect personalized Christmas gift for under $30, whether for yourself or for someone else! -Sarah

5.  Friendsgiving

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. With the exception of the Black Friday craziness that seems to be cutting more and more into Thursday night, Thanksgiving remains one of the least commercialized holidays that I think still focuses on all good things--friends, family, and lots of great food. In college, I was in an organization that always had an annual Thanksgiving dinner potluck. A Friendsgiving, if you will. This past weekend, several of my co-workers and past classmates also hosted a Friendsgiving. Although I was unable to attend because of some last minute obligations, I still love the idea and think it's an extra fun way to celebrate the holiday before everyone travels to be with family. There's still a week left before Thanksgiving, so if you haven't already, grab a group of your friends and help show them how thankful you are for their presence in your life! -Sarah


Laura & Sarah