Weekend Roundup: Wicked

One type of outing that I consider to be a special treat is going to see a Broadway show. I'm lucky that Louisville is home to the Kentucky Performing Arts Center and hosts a yearly Broadway series. This past weekend, Ryan and I went to see Wicked! This was actually my second time seeing the show. My first time attending was during my one instance of playing hooky in high school for my best friend's birthday. However, this was Ryan's first time. Knowing what to expect myself, half the fun was watching his reactions to all the jokes and big moments. Because of that, I think this time was my favorite! If you aren't familiar with the concept of Wicked, it is the backstory to the Wizard of Oz focusing on the witches. I loved the Wizard of Oz as a child and even went through a phase where I watched the movie almost everyday. As you can imagine, I was Glenda the Good Witch for Halloween that year. Wicked is such a fun, "adult" way to relive one of my childhood favorites.


I originally bought tickets for the show a couple of months ago, but due to some scheduling mishaps, we ended up not being able to use them. After being seriously bummed out and trying to woo the ticket office into letting me exchange them for a different time, we ultimately decided on trying our luck with the ticket lottery. KyPAC has this really cool program where you can enter your name into a lottery 2.5 hours before showtime for the chance to win up to 2 front row seats. And guess what--Ryan and I won!

If you're a music nerd like me, then you know that front row seats technically aren't the best for a musical. The acoustics in most performance halls tend to be better towards the middle/back of the orchestra level. However, this did not stop the experience from being completely awesome. There's something really special about being close enough to be able to watch the pit and even see the details on the performers' faces.

While the attire at most Broadway shows is mixed, I think that dressing up is a fun way to make the night a little more exciting. Since Wicked is a quirky show, I dressed accordingly in a black and grey leopard print dress (similar below), wine colored tights, and black booties. 

Leopard Dress

Loft Leopard Dress (on sale)

Do you have any favorite Broadway shows?