Friday Favorites

Laura and I may have still been in turkey comas yesterday, so enjoy our Friday Saturday Favorites post a day late. We are officially in the holiday season! thankful

1. Wit and Wonder

Nordstrom is easily one of my favorite department stores. Although we don't have a Nordstrom in Kentucky, I love to shop at Check out their Wit and Wonder gift shop to find an extensive selection of unique, quirky gifts that would make the best stocking stuffers. My personal picks include this antler bottle opener, the folding selfie stick (judge me), and a cute ice cream pint huggy. -Sarah

2. How to Buy Art in Your Twenties

I have so much blank wall space in my house because I want to make sure I have just the right pieces picked out for each spot. My favorite tip in this montage is,“Don’t overthink it” because I definitely do. Sometimes it’s okay to pull the trigger. -Laura

3. 3-Wick Candles

My first job I ever had was at Bath & Body Works. Although I've never been much into lotions or body sprays, the one B&BW product that I will always swear by are their 3-wick candles. B&BW shares the same parent company as White Barn, which is known for their awesome candles. I almost always have a candle burning whenever I'm home at my apartment, and although I've tried several different varieties, I seem to always come back to my tried and true 3-wicks. Their burn time maxes out at about 45 hours, and I can usually still smell the scent even a day later. While my all-time favorite scent is in the fall collection (Leaves), there are some great options for winter (I suggest 'Tis the Season). Best of all, they are on sale for $12 right now making this the perfect time to stock up! -Sarah

4. Christmas Cookies

As my friends and family know, I love cookies and I love to bake, so naturally, I love cookie exchanges during the holidays. My first cookie exchange is coming up next weekend, and I’m already giddy about sampling everyone’s cookies. I tend to keep my cookies pretty simple, and my go-to recipe is a white chocolate macadamia nut cookie. However, I stumbled upon this list recently, and I’m thinking I may try something new. If you have a favorite cookie recipe, please send it my way! -Laura

5. Kindly Kentucky Facebook

After nearly a month of building content, we are gearing up to take social media by storm. We are so excited to start sharing our voice with more people, and a first step in this is creating a Facebook. Follow the link to check out our page. We will be sharing updates, blog posts, and other fun tidbits through this platform. We can't wait to meet you there!


Laura & Sarah