A Few of Sarah's Favorite Things

Anyone tired of holiday themed posts yet? No? Great, because we still have over three weeks left in December, and I'm going to hold onto this time of year until you pull it from my cold, frostbitten fingers! Christmas shopping is one of my favorite things to do. I love gift giving, but if I'm being completely honest, it takes me forever to decide what to get people. I tend to keep an on-going list in the Notes app on my phone (if you're my family or fiancé, stay out!) all year round to record whenever a gift idea might strike. Because of this, I don't feel equipped to bring you a top-notch gift guide, so instead I'm going to show you what I know best--a list of my own wants and needs! I kid...

But really, I've put together for you a list of a few of my favorite things on the market right now. While I'm crossing my fingers to see a couple of these under the tree with my name on them this year, others are wish list items or even things I think would make great gifts for a few people off your own list.