Friday Favorites


We made it folks! It's Friday! Time to give your friends a high five, do a cartwheel, and hit that dougie. But before you do, check out our favorites nuggets of fun from this week.

  1. Christmas Card Displays December is my favorite month for mail because I love receiving Christmas cards. I've never had a great system for displaying them, so I'm going to DIY one of these ideas this weekend. Now if I could just decide which display I'd like to try... - Laura
  2. Serial Season 2 The Serial podcast is a mutual obsession shared by Laura and I. We developed an intense curiosity about the story of Adnan Syed and his accused murder during season one. Season two is taking a different spin on things by looking into the story of Bowe Berghdal, an American soldier previously held prisoner by the Taliban and also charged with two crimes related to his supposed desertion from the Army. I listened to the first episode last night while cooking dinner, and I can already feel a new weekly ritual coming on. - Sarah
  3. Dogs Starring in Nativity Scenes Because is there anything cuter than dogs in costumes? - Laura
  4. Pickin' On Coldplay If you're a fan of bluegrass music, like all true Kentuckians are, then you have to check out the Pickin' On series. Pickin' On pays tribute to a variety of popular bands, but my favorite at the moment is their tribute to Coldplay. The bluegrass cover of Shiver will be your perfect soundtrack to a quiet Friday morning. - Sarah
  5. Ornament Exchange Even though most of my close girlfriends live all over the Bluegrass, we still like to get together for special occasions, holidays included. Next week we are meeting up in a central location (for us, that means Elizabethtown) for a holiday dinner and ornament exchange. Since many of us are just getting started in our careers, an ornament exchange is a fun way for us to treat each other to a gift, but also stay on budget! - Sarah


Laura & Sarah