Friday Favorites

First week back after the holidays--check! This week is a notoriously hard week for everyone, whether you're a working girl or otherwise. Chill out with a few of our favorites listed below. Be a Girl Who Runs If you're a runner or want to become a runner, you must read this. When I started running, I could barely make it around the block before I wanted to quit. Now, I can't imagine life without running and the confidence it give you. - Laura

NY Times 36 Hours Whether I'm planning a trip or just having a case of travel envy, one of my favorite things to read is the New York Times series called 36 Hours. Pick almost any city in the world, and the NYT probably has an article written on what to do if you only have 36 hours to visit that city. I read these articles extensively before my last trip to Europe and find myself browsing them now while planning some 2016 travel too. - Sarah

6 Business Tips I'm not sure if it is the New Year or if I'm just beginning to see a glimmer of possibility in some professional goals, but some of these tips really resonated with me. My favorite is Nir Eyal's quote, “It’s up to us as entrepreneurs, to see the world as it should be --not necessarily how it is. When you think you’re sure of the way things are, that’s when you get passed up and you don’t see the opportunities that real entrepreneurs envision.” - Laura

What's Coming to Netflix In stark contrast to Laura's love for running, I have a love for Netflix (and probably a few of you do too). After a couple months of feeling like my TV-game was in a slump, I was pretty excited to see a few of my favorites coming back to Netflix for January 2016. You can bet that the new seasons of New Girl, Parenthood, and  Parks and Rec have been added to my list. - Sarah

Blog Resolutions This one might not be a link, but it is something to get excited about! Laura and I started this blog hoping that it could just be our little corner of the Internet. The more time we spend on Kindly Kentucky, however, the more we want to do things right. Our #1 2016 Blog Resolution is to build the Kindly Kentucky brand. That means a lot of things will be coming to the blog over the next couple of months--we're talking new color schemes, new layout, new logo, giveaways, collaborations... you name it, and we've probably dreamed it. We want to thank our readers for sticking with us so far. Your patience is about to pay off!


Laura & Sarah