Friday Favorites

Yay, it's Friday! And, if you're in the Bluegrass, happy snow day, too! Cozy up on this wintery day with some of our favorite things from throughout the week.


Oscar Nominations I've never been big on award shows, but last year I got seriously into the Oscars, particularly the nominations for best picture. I made sure to watch all of the nominees after the Oscars were over and by doing so, discovered some great flicks I may not have watched otherwise (excluding Birdman...bleh). As for the nominations for best picture this year, I've only seen Bridge of Spies and Mad Max, so I've got some work to do before February 28th! The only one I may skip out on is The Revenant because it looks a little intense for my taste, but I'm totally #TeamLeo to finally land an Oscar. - Sarah

Goodreads Sometime in college, I started making 3 New Years resolutions annually--one each for mind, body, and spirit. My resolution for my mind this year is to begin reading more! I've had a lifelong love of reading, but being a full time graduate student last year put a major halt on my leisure reading. To help with my resolution, I joined Goodreads. Goodreads let me pick my favorite genres, rate some of my favorite books within those genres, and then generated a reading list for me. You can even use it to track reading goals (mine is 24 books in 2016) and join book clubs! - Sarah

26 Things to Do for Yourself  I totally get suckered into reading these lists when scrolling through social media feeds. Normally I'm outraged because they'll say completely unrealistic things like, "meditate for two hours each morning" or "spend three months traveling to exotic countries." What normal human being has time for that?! However, this list was refreshing because I could realistically accomplish everything in a year, and I think most of them would brighten up my life in some way. - Laura

Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal I eat oatmeal almost every morning for breakfast. This slow cooker recipe is perfect for getting snowed in this weekend! - Laura

Chip and Joanna's House Tour I've been on a HGTV kick the past couple of weeks, and my latest obsession is Fixer Upper. Anytime I catch a glimpse of Chip and Joanna's farm house on the show, I practically squeal at how perfect it is. Luckily, a friend shared their house tour with me. There's some major design inspiration in these photos! - Sarah


Laura & Sarah