Suit Alternatives

There are very few articles of clothing I dislike more than the business suit. I believe this hatred started in college when I was in an organization that occasionally required that we wear matching suits. Although I appreciated the formality and etiquette of the outfit, I always ended up feeling more like a high schooler in FBLA than a young professional. Even though I now own a navy skirt and blazer that is more structured and fitted (thanks, Banana Republic!), I still just don't feel like myself when I put it on. This means I'm occasionally faced with a challenge, and one I'm guessing many of you all face too. What is appropriate to wear whenever faced with a formal professional event, but you just can't bring yourself to squeeze into that suit like a Hillary Clinton-wannabe one more time? I present to you my "suit alternatives." These would be my go-to choices anytime I have a more formal day at work. Even though many traditional or corporate environments still like to see suits during interviews, I think these could even work for interviews if you work in a less traditional environment, such as a start-up or PR.


Pictured here as part of a casual outfit, imagine this tweed jacket over your favorite silky top and a pair of patterned pants. Give me a blazer-like jacket with a touch of fringe, and I'm sold.


I'm into the midi trend these days, and I think the modest length of this dress is perfect to flaunt at the office. Plus, at $70 it's a major steal from Zara.


Who said matchy-matchy had to just be for suits? You could easily throw on a blazer over the peplum top to make it even more formal if needed.

How do you dress up for work?