Friday Favorites


I scored this cute valentine at the Louisville Papersource.

Check out this week's roundup of things that we thought were a llama fun!

Inner WKU Spirit Growing up in Bowling Green, we both have a special place in our hearts for WKU.  After taking this silly quiz, we have determined that Laura is a White Squirrel, and Sarah is Big Red. So typical.

Athleisure With several trips coming up this spring, I've been on the hunt for a pair of cute sneaks. I loved the slip-on trend that popped up last year, but never really found a pair that I liked enough to buy. This year, it seems like they are everywhere. I'm especially loving these in rose gold with a lasercut pattern.

Getting Married Is Not An Accomplishment I have to admit that when I first saw this title, I thought to myself, "oh just another one of those articles telling me why/why not getting married is the right thing to do" *insert eye roll*. However, after reading it, Natalie Brooke presents a very valid point. So whether you're celebrating this Valentine's Day weekend with a significant other or not, remember that love is just one of many parts of a girl's life to celebrate (and not always the most important).

I Just Want To Hang With My Dog  I love a good graphic tee for hanging out at home or running errands around town. Recently I stumbled across this one on Etsy. Not only does it speak the truth, but 20% of all profits are donated to animal shelters!

Decadent Valentine's Day Treat I first tasted this brownie tart at a birthday celebration for a friend. His girlfriend (now wife) had made it for us all to share, and I immediately asked for the recipe and went out to buy a springform pan. Believe me when I say that this tart is decadent and that a little sliver will go a long way. I will definitely be sharing this treat with my Valentine this weekend.


Laura & Sarah