Friday Favorites

After several weeks of weddings, travel, and other crazy-fun activities we've been settling back into more normal routines. We're both heading home to Bowling Green on Saturday to celebrate our mom's birthday and take advantage of the city's fall activities - Laura is running in the 10K classic and both of us are planning to partake in an apple hand pie at Jackson's Orchard. 

This week, Sarah shared some of her honeymoon highlights as well as some great reads she enjoyed while in St. Lucia, and Laura shared some fall flats that she's coveting. Here are a few other things on our radar...

Planning to make this delicious non-pumpkin fall dessert this weekend!

Free stencils to help you carve your pumpkin like your pup! Hilarious and slightly tempting.

How cute are these DIY costumes?! Several look like they wouldn't be too hard to make and are the perfect thing for last minute Halloween parties. If we were going to be in the same town for Halloween, we would dress up like Troop Beverly Hills and rock the Freddie all night long.