Melanders + Mortgage

Surprise! We bought a house! If you've been following Kindly Kentucky for a while, you've probably heard me mention a time or two that Ryan and I were starting to think about planning to buy a house. As in, actually purchasing a home was still a few months away, and we were just keeping a very close eye on the market and beginning to strategize about what we wanted to do. Well, to heck with the planning because we just went out and did the thing!

Ok, so it wasn't quite that spontaneous, but pretty close. Just like Laura when she bought her house earlier this year, I've been obsessively watching Zillow for several months now. To say that I knew every house for sale in Louisville with a list price remotely near our budget is not an exaggeration. A couple weekends ago, I found a house that I was interested in checking out in person. Ryan, being the humoring husband he is, agreed to go look at it, which quickly turned into an entire day of open houses, scheduling showings, and Ryan missing every NFL game that day. Not expecting to find anything we wanted to put an offer on during our first day of looking, we walked into the last house we planned to visit and found the most beautiful bungalow located in one of our top desired areas - Germantown. Again, because I had been stalking Zillow like a mad woman, I instantly knew that this house was one of the best on the market within our budget for months.

So yes, I am the crazy person who decided to buy a house in less than 24 hours after only looking at 6 homes, and Ryan let me do it. 

While that may seem like a recipe for disaster to some, I have honestly always operated on split second decisions, and I am so glad we did in this case. Our buying situation was unique in that there were multiple competing offers in on the home, and the Louisville housing market tends to move very quickly. We finally found out that our offer was accepted the night of Election Day - talk about a high stress situation!

We probably will not be moving until right after Christmas, so until then, here is a snapshot of our soon-to-be abode. I think it's just screaming for a porch swing, what do you think?

Lydia House.jpg