Living Room Design Ideas

Happy Friday!

We have been sharing lots of home updates on Kindly Kentucky recently. In case you missed it, Jay and I bought a new house this summer. After some renovations and few cosmetic updates, we're (FINALLY) moving in today!

Even though the house is larger than our previous house, we can furnish most of it with things we already have. However, we don't have furniture for the living room. Here's a look at the living room before we bought the house. 

Now it is a blank canvas. Our architect was kind enough to sketch out our entire floor plan, so here's the space. I plan to get a couch, a set of two chairs with possibly a third accent chair, a coffee table, a couple side tables, and a large rug for the space. I have a couple different furniture arrangements in mind, and I'm waiting until we have our upholstered pieces in before I decide exactly how the furniture will be placed. 

I gravitate towards rooms that are understated and comfortable. There's a formal marble fireplace in the room, which is really pretty but not necessarily what I would pick, so I was challenged trying to find pieces that worked with that. I've already ordered the couch and Almada chairs because they are more decorous and structured but incredibly comfortable and don't look too stuffy. 

Spool Chair  (Still deciding on a fabric for this piece)

Spool Chair (Still deciding on a fabric for this piece)

While it took a few weeks of visiting every furniture store in town and mulling over online options, I'm pretty set on the big pieces of furniture. Now I'm down to the smaller details, accent items, and artwork, which can sometimes have the biggest impact on the room. I love unique artwork, but those are the pieces that usually break the bank. Fortunately there's a Black Friday Art Sale coming up in Lexington in early December, so I'm hoping to support local artists and find some good deals there to finish out the room. Fingers crossed that it will all come together by the beginning of the year, and I can share the final update with you.

Cheers to the weekend! Hope it's a great one (any you're doing something more fun that moving)!