Brunch, Goats, and Fleas

One of my favorite things about living in Louisville is its perpetual quirkiness. Whether its the annual zombie walk or one of our many weekend festivals, I love all the effort that goes into keeping Louisville weird. And what would Easter weekend be in Louisville if not a little weird?

Our Saturday started out fairly normal visiting a local favorite, The Village Anchor. I've heard rave reviews of The Village Anchor since moving to Louisville but had yet to make the trek out to Anchorage to try it out. When my family said that they would like to come up for brunch, I knew that this would be the perfect time to give it a spin. Everyone loved their meals, but the Kindly Kentucky favorite were the sweet potato fries with marshmallow dip. 

And now onto the weird part. If you've ever spent much time around Market Street in Nulu, you may have noticed two alleys called Nanny Goat Strut and Billy Goat Strut. While I've been happily chuckling about these two quirky alleyways for the past year and a half, it turns out theiy have a greater meaning than just a kitschy naming convention. Louisville has a long-run history of celebrating an annual bock beer festival. This year, the festival was resurrected and because bock is German for goat, what better place to celebrate than between Nanny Goat and Billy Goat Struts. This fest was good for more than just a brew as there were goat races every hour of the afternoon. Nothing says Easter like a couple of goats wearing t-shirts trotting down the street.


Another Louisville favorite is the Flea Off Market. A small, monthly vendor fair complete with a person walking around in a flea costume, the March Flea Off Market was postponed several weeks due to weather until it successfully took place the weekend of the Nulu Bock Fest. With the two events within walking distance, it was the perfect time to check it all out. The Flea Off Market and Nulu Bock Fest are just the beginning of spring festivals to take place in Louisville. Check out a couple of the others that are on my list to check out for the next few months:

Really Really Free Market, April 10

First Waterfront Wednesday, April 27

Splat Out Cancer, May 4

What the Germantown?!, May 14

Forest Fest, May 21--Featuring one of Kindly Kentucky's favorite bands, the 23 String Band