Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! (AND happy birthday to Sarah!)

Throwback to sarah's birthday last year.

Throwback to sarah's birthday last year.

How People Look After Drinking 1, 2, and 3 Glasses of Wine - Last month Jay and I went to a really fun wine dinner hosted by some of our friends. Everyone brought two bottles of Spanish red wine - one to sample and one to add to the prize pot. After sampling all of the wines, everyone voted for their favorite, and the person who brought the winning wine got to take home all of the wine. I’m normally a 1-2 glass girl, and when we got up to leave, I realized I was way past my normal consumption. They’d probably need to make 4 glass category for me on this one. (Although, on the way out the door, I think I announced that we’d host the next one…)

I’m totally guilty of treating myself with things like chocolate or new shoes. I love this list of 23 ways to treat yo’ self without eating or buying anything. I’m taking my grad school comps this afternoon and have a take home test this weekend, so you better believe I’ll be indulging in a couple of these next week.

For your daily dose of puppies and laughs. This sweet dog reminds me of my own golden buddy, who can't catch a darn thing. She takes after me.

Eight Life Lessons Southern Girls Learn from Their Mothers - Spot-on! My mom curled my hair every morning, and I didn’t wear a t-shirt to school until I was on the middle school track team and we were required to wear our warm-ups on the days we had meets. I still feel guilty if I’m out running errands in athletic wear. Also, I remember the first “barbecue” I was invited to after we moved from Georgia to Pennsylvania, and they served sloppy joes. I was ticked, to say the least.

We hope you have a great weekend!