Glamour-Less Girl's Guide to Engagement Photos

I was never a girly-girl. Make up, hair styles, and beauty tools were always a mystery to me. "Curling iron?," my pre-teen mind would think, "Sounds like a good way to get burned. Eye lash curler? Might blind myself." As a child, I even remember being intimidated by the thought of putting my hair into a ponytail for soccer practice. I mean, how was I supposed to get all the bumps out for the perfectly slicked back look of the early 2000s? By college, I had gathered a few basic things like drugstore eye shadow sets, but in all honesty, my glamour game was not much improved. Sorority sisters would mention something like their new favorite lip stain that really did last 12 hours, and I would think fondly of my Classic Chapstick in my nightstand drawer. Somewhere along the way and under the careful instruction of friends (Seriously, MK. Thank you.), I jumped in learned how to do my hair and makeup. But even today, getting ready for important events seems a little intimidating. So, today's post is my glamour-less girl's guide to getting ready for those events, like engagement photos, and is dedicated to all those girls out there who taught me how to wand my hair and use primer on my eyelids. I would still be using those little brushes that come for free in my Covergirl makeup packages if it weren't for you.

Oh, and by the way, all photos in this post are the work of Morgan Worley. She takes rad photos and loves dogs, and I would absolutely suggest her to anyone looking for a photographer in the Kentucky area!

Kindly Kentucky Sarah Engagement Photos

I'm all for doing my own hair and normally do it myself 363 days a year, but for my engagement photos, I thought it would be nice to step it up a notch. That's where Drybar came in. Maybe getting a blowout for the first time about an hour and a half before professional photos was a little risky, but I could not have been happier with how my hair turned out for this day. I personally went with the Cosmo Tai look, which is a mix between polished curls and looser waves, and it felt totally natural but a wee bit more put together for this special occasion. Plus, the 80s movies on the TV screen and free flowing Diet Coke during my appointment didn't hurt!

Kindly Kentucky Sarah Engagement Photos 2

For my makeup, I wanted to keep things natural but romantic. One of my favorite new additions to my makeup collection is my Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation. Since using it, I've noticed that it provides much better coverage than other foundations I've tried and keeps my skin matte for the length of the workday. Plus, it comes in dozens of shades with a variety of undertones, so you're sure to find your perfect match. Turns out I am a fair-light honey. Who knew?

It's probably not surprising that my favorite eye shadow palettes come from Naked by Urban Decay. For this look, I primarily used my Naked 3 palette. I almost always use Limit as my transition color and love to cover my lids in Buzz and Burnout for a softer metallic look. Nooner is perfect for accenting the crease. I utilized Strange as my highlight, and provided accent to the corners of my eyes and lash line with Darkhorse and Creep from the original Naked palette. 

I kept my lips simple with my everyday lipgloss, Nars Vida Loca

P. S. Check out some of my favorite pieces from my outfits below!

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