Friday Favorites

  1. Ok, y'all. Real tears were flowing down my face when I stumbled across this photo album on Facebook. If you haven't seen it yet, these are the photos of a Nashville mom who is meeting her three sons for the first time after adopting them from the Congo nearly 3 years ago. It is so easy to see joy on the Duncan family's faces as they are finally united, and the fact that this album has been liked and shared over 3,000 is incredible! 
  2. On a very different note, I've been really into the off-the-shoulder trend lately. Full coverage with a little peak of the shoulders is something I can totally get into, and I plan to try it out at some point this spring. I love this budget friendly option, this dress style, and I'm dangerously closing to adding this top to my cart.
  3. Ok, ok. Stereotypes are not funny...but the memes of suburban moms that have been floating around the internet lately definitely made me laugh. I am not joking when I say that these pictures have spurred some deep conversation amongst my friends this week. It was decided that I'm a Carol/Helen mix (What does that say about me?) and Laura is a Carol/Susan (I mean, have you seen her quinoa bowls?). Take this quiz to find out which suburban mom you actually are.
  4. Do yourself a favor and watch this 10 minute, 73 question rapid fire interview with Taylor Swift in her house in Beverly Hills. In true Taylor fashion, some of her answers are funny, some are weird, but all are so, so real.
  5. In case you missed it, today is the perfect day to check out Laura's crockpot oatmeal. Make it this weekend, and have a delicious breakfast all next week!