Weekend Roundup and Life Lately

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? As sad as I am to see the weekend go, I’m ready to tackle some major projects this week, and Sarah and I have some fun plans coming up next weekend!

We haven’t shared a weekend recap recently, but I was feeling a little disconnected from the blog the past couple of weeks, so I thought I’d fill you in on what I’ve been up to. These are also some of my favorite types of posts to read on other blogs, and I’m curious about your favorite reads. We’d love for you to share a comment below or send us a message with your feedback!

Since the weather has been really beautiful the past couple of weeks, Annabelle and I have been taking long walks in the evenings. We almost always head to Ashland. Annabelle loves sniffing her way through the grounds, and I love checking out the peony garden this time of year.


I’ve been casually perusing real estate listings and going to open houses since the beginning of this year, but we started seriously looking at new houses the past couple of weeks. Wouldn’t you know, we found a perfect option and put a bid in, only to be out bid a few hours later. The Lexington real estate market is nuts right now! We checked out this house in our neighborhood on Thursday night, and it was gone by Friday. It is one of those houses that I love walking by and daydreaming about what's inside. There were lots of reasons this wasn’t our perfect house, including the fact that it was WAY over our budget, but that kitchen though….

Saturday morning was spent getting our yard back in order for the warmer months. Since we rebuilt our porch last summer, our front yard was destroyed, and I wasn’t able to re-landscape it until the construction was over in August. By that time, all of the plants at the nursery were the 75% off stragglers, which was awesome for our budget, but I was skeptical about their heartiness. I’m happy to report they all survived the winter, and my rhododendrons have even started budding.


On Saturday, Jay surprised me with tickets to Keeneland for finishing graduate school. We had such a crazy schedule during April, I didn’t think I get to go at all, so it was a great surprise. When we were there, he told me he also made dinner reservations at Winchell’s, which is one of my favorites. (Definitely check it out if you’re in Lexington!) After an early morning of spreading mulch and digging up weeds, I was starving and really excited for dinner. Little did I know that he invited some of my closest friends to a surprise celebratory dinner! I was shocked and really grateful for such a great group of friends. Several of them even drove from Louisville. I couldn’t have asked for a better afternoon and evening!

Sunday was spent running errands, taking care of housework, and getting ready for the week, but we managed to get a couple hours of relaxation.

Sunday night vibes at  KY Native Cafe

Sunday night vibes at KY Native Cafe

Cheers to a great week ahead!