Friday Favorites

  • Google applications can be so handy and useful, but there were several shortcuts that I realized I wasn't using. You don't know what you don't know...
  • Is there anything better than coffee and chocolate? (Hint: No.) If you're like me, then you've got tons of extra Easter candy around. I stumbled across this "eggspresso" idea a few weeks ago, and I'm thinking I might need to put a few of my chocolate eggs to the test.
  • Party planning can be so fun! I'm in the very initial stages of planning Sarah's bridal shower and stumbled upon the worst list of bridal shower themes. Pancakes and Panties, anyone? My great aunt would really enjoy that one. 
  • Does anyone remember watching A Little Princess? That movie was on repeat in our house from from 1995-1998. Even though Sarah hated it, it was my favorite movie for a solid few years. I still love a classic rags to riches storyline. Sarah dug this up earlier this week. Who knew that Liesel Matthews (now Leisel Pritzker Simmons), who plays the main role of Sara in the film, comes from the eighth wealthiest family in the US? She's come a long way since 1995, and I think Sarah is happy that she left the big screen. 
  • Entertainment Weekly did a first look into Season 8 of Gilmore Girls. So. Many. Feels. Need we say more?
  • Old Navy has been killing the game lately. It's always my one of my first stops when looking for staple wardrobe items, but occasionally I feel like I really score big during one of their sales. Check out a few of my favorite spring transitional pieces down below! You can get an extra 20% right now with their code BIGSAVE.