Massage Envy & A Louisville Afternoon

Sometime between finishing masters programs, weekend trips, and busy everyday life, April absolutely flew by! Although Sarah's birthday was a couple of weeks ago, it made the most sense for us to celebrate belatedly this past weekend. As a treat to us both, we booked massages at Massage Envy in J-Town. Both of us have had massages before in the past, but they have been very few and far between, so it was extra special for us to indulge in 90 minute full-body massages. 


Sarah booked a relaxation massage, which is a classic Swedish massage. I tend to have horrible posture when sitting at my desk during work, and it is not uncommon that I go home with noticeably tight shoulders. Even my massage therapist commented that I had a lot of tension between my shoulder blades, but she worked her magic and I left feeling like my shoulders were finally sitting properly for the first time in weeks.  

Laura booked a deep tissue massage, which is similar to a Swedish massage but with deeper pressure. I normally select a Swedish massage but often feel like the pressure is too light. My massage therapist used a deep pressure, but it didn't feel like it was too much, which I was a little worried about. Even though I do yoga regularly and try to stretch a little every day, I still had several knots in my neck and upper back, and my massage therapist worked those out. I was amazed at how loose and relaxed I felt afterwards.

On occasion, I'll leave a massage feeling really greasy from the massage lotion and oils, or sometimes the scent is unpleasant and overwhelming. The Massage Envy products were all unscented. The only exception to this was the lavender foot scrub, which we both selected to have, although it too came in a scent-free option. Also, as someone with sensitive skin, the products did not irritate my skin. By the end of our massages, we both felt fully moisturized, yet also un-irritated!

Overall, our experience was fantastic at Massage Envy. It felt just like a mini spa trip in the middle of an ordinary day! Everyone we came in contact with made sure we were comfortable and had everything we needed. As an added bonus, we were eligible for an upgrade, and both of us chose the lavender sugar scrub for our feet, which was the perfect way to top off our massage experience. Most importantly, however, our therapists really listened to us. They focused on the areas we preferred, avoided the ones we did not, and concentrated on those places they could tell needed a little extra work. One of the best parts about Massage Envy is that there are over 1,000 locations, so you can expect a quality massage no matter where you are.

Thank you to Kelly, Jenn, and Teewana for making our visit perfect!

To top off our day of over-indulgence, we made a stop by Homemade Ice Cream & Pie Kitchen, a local Louisville favorite, for a birthday treat. Over slices of chocolate covered cherry and peach pie, we caught up, did a little wedding planning, and opened this equestrian-themed gift just in time for Derby!

How do you indulge on your birthday?


Thank you to Massage Envy for sponsoring our massages that made this post possible!