Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends! Last weekend was spent in Asheville for Sarah's bachelorette party, and we spent the week recovering from all the fun! Sarah is moving into a new place in Louisville this weekend, and Laura is headed to the High Hope Steeplechase. It should be a full weekend!

Ashland Park Peony Garden (AKA - Laura's Happy Place in April and May)

Ashland Park Peony Garden (AKA - Laura's Happy Place in April and May)

Even though I am still several years away from building my own family, it often crosses my mind what life will be like whenever I decide to have children. As a young woman with many aspirations for my career, I loved this article by Elle about Working Moms at the White House. These women are taking the concept of #girlboss to a whole new level. 

Summer is right around the corner, and that means time for picnics and dining alfresco! I'm planning to try a few of these picnic recipes instead of my standard picnic fare. 

A couple of years ago, one of our favorite Kentucky girls, Jennifer Lawrence, bought her house in Beverly Hills. I just recently stumbled across pictures of the backyard and interior, and it's safe to say that everything about it is swoon-worthy. Previous owners of her house include Jessica Simpson and Ellen DeGeneres!

For some reason, this isn't the first time goats are featured in one of our posts...

We hope you have a wonderful weekend!