Laura's 30 Before 30

Yesterday was my 28th birthday! Does anyone else think that ages that end in even numbers sound older than birthdays that end with odd numbers? For some reason 29 sounds younger to me than 28. Anyways... Jay and I celebrated last night with dinner on the patio at Dudley's and a stroll around Gratz Park. We're celebrating with family this weekend, so the party just keeps going!


In honor of my birthday, I wrote a 30 before 30 list. It is a compilation of things I consistently tell myself I'd like to do, and I hope by writing them down and setting a two year goal, I actually complete them.

  1. Take a cooking class
  2. Start playing tennis regularly again
  3. Reconnect with 5 old friends
  4. Become more knowledgeable about wine
  5. Spend a weekend completely unplugged
  6. Grow strawberries in my garden
  7. Become a mom
  8. Travel to New England
  9. Travel to the West Coast
  10. Read 40 new books
  11. Make an original pieces of artwork to hang in my home
  12. Start a gratitude journal
  13. Make 50 new recipes
  14. Start a book club
  15. Try the Whole 30
  16. Run a destination half marathon
  17. Send a handwritten note a friend once a month
  18. Organize my wedding photos
  19. Become proficient at Photoshop
  20. Do paddle board yoga
  21. Take professional family photos
  22. Volunteer on a regular basis
  23. Do a full month of barre classes
  24. Host a slumber party style girls’ night-in
  25. Establish a designated date night every week
  26. Attend a blog conference
  27. Learn to do my makeup well
  28. Start a monthly supper club
  29. Learn to use a sewing machine
  30. Attend the Kentucky Oaks

Let me know if any of these are things you'd like to do too because I'd love to have a friend to try them with or an accountability partner!