Blank Space

To say that the month of May has been hectic is an understatement! There was Oaks and Derby, a bachelorette weekend in Asheville, moving from my one bedroom loft to a three bedroom townhome, friends moving away and "see ya later" parties, the resurgence of wedding planning, and an especially busy few weeks of work. I can hardly believe that May is almost over, and I would be lying if I didn't say that Kindly Kentucky has slipped down on my list of priorities lately. Thank you so much to Laura for being a great sister and blogger by keeping this thing rolling while I've been trying to scrape by the last few weeks.

With that being said, I think things are finally starting to settle a little bit, and my goal for this week is to have all of the boxes unpacked in my new townhome. However, the more I get things situated, the more blank space I realize I have. One area that is noticeably lacking are my walls. Going from having a one bedroom loft (a.k.a. almost no walls) to a two story, three bedroom townhome has made me realize that my few prints just aren't going to cut it. I don't want to do too much decorating before Ryan moves in after the wedding, but hey, a girl has to at least make it a little homey! 

Here are some of my favorite piece of wall decor that I'm currently loving:


I love this mirror because it feels inspired by the quatrefoil mirrors that are so popular right now, but it's at a much more affordable price. I found it here!

My childhood bedroom still boasts a collection of Picasso's line drawings, but my favorite is of course Le Chien (The Dog). Also, how could you not love Lookin' Good? It would be the perfect addition to an office.


There's a really good chance that Ryan would lose it if he caught me trying to pineapple wallpaper our half bath, but can we all take a moment to just soak it in in all of it's glory? I mean, have you even seen the Kindly Kentucky logo? It's too perfect.

Here's to some serious wall inspo and less blank space!