Friday Favorites


No Bake Mini Desserts? Why yes, I'll take one of each! These look refreshing and perfect for warm weather.


Nude Flats - Since I work on a large college campus, I typically end up walking a fair amount outside every day, which means my footwear needs to be comfortable and durable. While I have several pairs of nude flats, pointed toe, patent leather, ankle strap, mary jane style, etc., the pair I always reach for is a simple rounded toe ballet flat. They match everything! I've wanted to pull the trigger on a pair of Tory Burch flats for a couple of years, but I wear them out so quickly that I can't bring myself to spend the money. When I wore a hole through the bottom of my last pair a couple weeks ago, I realized it was time to toss them. I found these at DSW, and they are the most comfortable pair I've ever owned. With real leather and a scalloped edge, I thought they were a steal at under $50.

Adventurous Party Destinations- Whether it's for a girl's trip, a bachelorette party, or just a regular weekend getaway, I love these ideas for adventurous party destinations. While I have attended many bachelorette parties along the Broadway strip in Nashville and always had a great time, I've found that I appreciate time spent outdoors more than anything else on a getaway weekend. Laura and I were on the same wavelength as suggestion number 2 for my bachelorette party, which took place in Asheville complete with hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains and exploring historic Montford on foot.

Scalloped Bathing Suits - Apparently, we are really into scallops these days. I've been searching for a cute and affordable scalloped bathing suit for the past two summers, and J. Crew has finally pulled through! Unlike their other scalloped versions, these two options are much more affordable both around the $100 range. Catch it on a good sale day, and you've got yourself the perfect bathing suit for the summer! I really like the one-piece, but it is backordered in my size. Thankfully, I got the shipping notification this morning that the two-piece is on its way to my door!

Even though it looks like it is going to be a rainy weekend here in the Bluegrass, we hope you have a great one!