Friday Favorites

Our hearts are heavy this week after the tragedy in Orlando. Everyone in our diverse nation should be treated with respect. Other than praying for those affected by the tragedy and the future of our country, it is difficult to find the words and know how to react after such an event. I think the best thing we can do is promote love, acceptance, and peace over everything else.

And on that note, in case you missed it, click here to watch Lin-Manuel Miranda's acceptance speech from the Tony's that paid homage to the Orlando victims.

I can't get enough of this Instagram account. Basil the Golden is just the cutest! Also love that he's named after a bourbon!

I'm on the hunt for a new couch that is larger than a love seat but smaller than a full-size couch, and I hope to use it for many years to come. I like this one pretty well. Do you think this one is classic? Do you have any other suggestions? 


Meals always seem better when they are enjoyed outside with friends. I love all these ideas for hosting the perfect picnic.

Remember the gorgeous house featured in the Father of the Bride movies? It's for sale! Check out the details here. It's just as beautiful as it was in the movies, but noticeably missing is the brick pathway that George laid with his own two hands, brick by brick...

We'll be celebrating Fathers' Day at the lake this weekend. Here are some trivia bits about the history of the holiday.