Friday Favorites

How is it already the middle of July?! "Back to school" items and fall clothing lines are already out, and we're in major denial as we try to soak up every bit of summer.

Image and a tasty peach smoothie recipe  via

Image and a tasty peach smoothie recipe via

It took me YEARS to hop on the Bachelor/Bachelorette bandwagon, and I finally started watching when I lived in Charlotte and Emily Maynard was the bachelorette. (Side note: Why does spellcheck always underline "bachelorette?" Definitely sexist!) Since then, I've fallen off and gotten back on the bandwagon every few seasons, and it has definitely been a guilty pleasure this season because it is just so ridiculous. Since my friends have better things to do with their time, I'm left with no one to talk to about the outrageous shenanigans, so I've turned to Here to Make Friends, which is an equally ridiculous podcast rehashing the details of every episode. - Laura


Also love this list of podcasts that are slightly higher-brow than my current fave, and look forward to listening to several of them. - Laura

Early Access to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale started yesterday, and regular access begins next Friday! Even if I don't buy anything, I always love browsing this sale if for no other reason than to get a peak into the trends for the upcoming season. I don't have a Nordstrom debit or credit card to get early access, but I've already browsed the sale to see if there's anything I want to keep an eye on after July 22. A few of my favorite items include this, this, and this. - Sarah

Peach season is nearly here, and my mouth is already watering! I stopped by Paul's Fruit Market earlier this week to pick up my first half dozen fresh peaches of the season. Ryan's family is coming over for dinner tonight, and I plan on using this recipe for peach dumplings for dessert. They are super easy, very delicious, and taste even better with fresh peaches instead of the frozen ones mentioned in the recipe! Throw some vanilla icecream or whipped cream on them, and you've got the perfect summer treat. - Sarah

We didn't want to download the app just to see what all the hype was about. Fortunately, skimming this Q & A gave us all the answers we needed. A couple questions it addresses are, "Is Pokemon Go dangerous?" and, "Am I the only person not playing Pokemon Go?"

Now THIS is an app we can get on board with!

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