Friday Favorites

It turns out that this past Sunday was World Emoji Day--who knew?! I loved turning on my computer to my Google homepage to see a note encouraging teen girls to go here to code an emoji that looks like them. I thought this was such a cool idea to encourage girls to become interested in computer science and allow them to create an emoji that actually reflects them. So, throwing the fact that I'm not a teenage girl aside, of course I had to make my own! - Sarah


Would it be Friday Favorites without a cute dog video? Answer: No. We love LuLu the therapy dog!

This week, Laura and I decided to spice up our workout routines. I've been talking about trying out barre for a while now and finally took the plunge on a Groupon for an unlimited month of classes with a barre studio here in Louisville. Laura has tried barre a few times before and also recently purchased a deal for a week of classes in Lexington. She warned me ahead of time that barre is super hard, and considering that going on 7 or 8 mile runs falls into the "fun" category for my sister, I knew this class would be no joke. We each went to our first classes on Wednesday night and commiserated afterwards about how we were both pretty bad at it. Seriously, it was to the point that I later googled "how to be good at barre" and found no advice but stumbled upon this article of a man trying barre for the first time. Excuse some of the language he uses, but it made me feel a little better to know that I'm not the only one who felt like my abs were being ripped apart. But really, can anyone give me tips on how to survive my month of classes?! (P.S. Turns out this guy went to a barre class in Louisville. This definitely means I'm not the worst one in the city, right?) - Sarah

I used to love DIY-ing and still do, but as my priorities have changed, I just don't make the time for it like I once did. However, I'm picturing this little garden box next to a big window in the kitchen. I'm simultaneously picturing asking my dad to make everything except the cute little herb labels... - Laura


Lexington readers and friends - There is still over a month until the next book club. I hope you can join us on August 31! Find the details here.