Thoughts During Barre

In some sort of crazy, last-ditch effort for wedding prep, Sarah bought a Groupon for a month of unlimited classes at a Barre studio in Louisville. At the time, it seemed great. She daydreamed of gaining perfectly toned biceps and stretching it out at the end of class feeling leaner with every inhale and exhale. 

Being reminded again of all of our cute barre-going friends’ great results, Laura was also intrigued. Although this was Sarah's first foray with barre, Laura has taken about 6 barre classes in her life and pretty much hated it every.single.time. When Laura found out a local barre studio offered a one week trial for only $15, she decided to give it another chance.

While we can’t say we love it, it’s definitely been growing on us. As a coping mechanism, we do a lot of thinking and daydreaming to make it through a class. Does anyone else do that? Anyways, here are some thoughts...

I bet Reese Witherspoon does barre.

No wonder the instructor is so perky. She’s not doing the workout like the rest of us fools.

Why did I chug that iced coffee on the drive over to this torture chamber? Now in addition to the uncontrollable shaking, I have to pee too. This is just great.

I want ALL the Lululemon.

If Al Roker were here, he’d definitely be wearing the men’s line of Lululemon.

Why do I sweat more than the average human being? I really hope my deodorant is doing its job.

How is that lady's lipstick still intact? Between my panting/constant water guzzling, I'd be lucky if Chapstick stuck to these puppies.

If the instructor tells me "yes you can!" one more time....(insert aggressive overreaction here).

Her nails look really good. I wonder where she got them done and what color that is.

Are everyone's glutes burning like Hades, or is that just me?

Would bodybuilders think this is hard?

Please don’t let anyone else notice that I’m shaking more than anyone else in the room.

Does my significant other even know what isometric exercise is?

It’s a good thing I stopped ballet after age 5. Being graceful just isn’t my thaang.

Why is that girl smiling? She needs to wipe that off her face right now because this is not fun.

How am I supposed to differentiate between the positive pain and the negative pain? Isn't it all just...painful?

Should I treat myself to wine or ice cream after this? Hmmm. Both, definitely both. This is seriously hard.

But in all seriousness, as tough as barre is and as much as we are having to adjust to it, it's a great workout! If you love that "good burn," we suggest giving it a try. Check back in a month whenever our deals run out. Sarah will let you know if she has those perfectly toned biceps yet.