Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! We hope you've been as happy this week as Bill Clinton with a balloon.

Does anyone else LOVE heirloom tomatoes? I usually can't help myself from eating a bite or two if I'm using one in a recipe, and sometimes I just slice them up and eat them as a side dish. I'm loving this list of 25 ways to enjoy heirloom tomatoes.

As Matthew McConaughey says, "Alright, alright, alright..." 

Because nothing is better than a sweet pup overcoming obstacles.

Christmas in...August? It's been on my bucket list to visit NYC around Christmastime, and a friend recently tipped me off that flights have been strangely cheap lately. Of course I had to check flights from Louisville to NYC in December, and she was right--they are very affordable right now! I'm in full-on trip planning mode and get all the Christmas heart-eyes when looking at slideshows like this one. Any tips for must-do activities in the city, Christmas related or not?