Pretty Is As Pretty Does



Pretty is as pretty does.

      Prov.  judge people by the way they behave, not their appearance

Has anyone noticed all of the "things I'd rather be than pretty" articles lately? I first spotted it with this one back in June, and recently saw a follow up here. To be honest, I normally avoid these types of articles as I usually don't relate to them. But for some reason, this time around they got me thinking. With the wedding coming up, I have felt a lot of pressure to think about "pretty" things. There's the dress, the hair, the makeup...the list goes on! My favorites are the people who ask me what I'm doing to diet or work out for the wedding. It has been a weird experience because in all honesty, I am not a girl who thinks about her body that much. So much of this is due to my mother who rarely commented on my appearance growing up but was always quick to tell my sister and I that we were smart and capable.

Don't get me wrong; there's a part of me that loves the wedding prep and knowing that this is the one day I get to swear sparkly clothing and have someone literally airbrush my face and not feel guilty about it. But ultimately, I want to get back to that feeling that my mother always gave me--there are more important things about you than the way you look. So, now I must turn into the articles that I normally hate and tell you the 5 things I'd rather be than pretty.

1. Strong If there is one quality that I admire the most, it is strength. Mental, physical, spiritual, emotional...I admire all types of strength and strive for them each. I want to be the person who can handle it all and then some, but also be strong enough to know when to say no.

2. Driven I want to be the girl who is able to make things happen. There are so many times that I keep a tough exterior (See: Number 1), but feel myself racked with anxiety. I hope to be driven enough to understand how to embrace those worries, but also know how to overcome them.

3. Compassionate May I never be too self-absorbed to fail to feel for my fellow human beings. Enough said.

4. Loyal The top quality I look for in those who are closest to me is loyalty, and if I expect it of others, then I must be dedicated to providing in return. I hope to be the person who is always reliable, and never quick to falter.

5. Woman of Integrity I hope to be dedicated to truth and known as someone who is steadfast in what is right. I hope to never sacrifice myself to maintain the status quo.