St. Lucia

Today, I'm so excited to recap my honeymoon spent in St. Lucia! As Ryan and I were selecting our honeymoon destination, we knew we wanted to head somewhere in the Caribbean but had no direction other than that. When our travel agent suggested St. Lucia, neither one of us knew much about the island but were instantly intrigued. St. Lucia is very far south, nearly to the coast of Venezuela, which was perfect for us since we were going during peak hurricane season and this part of the Caribbean is considered to be outside of the Hurricane Belt. (Update--St. Lucia did get hit by Matthew while it was still a tropical storm.) By the time our travel agent got around to explaining that this island was on her bucket list to visit, we were sold.

Officially recommending a selfie stick for all newlyweds.

Officially recommending a selfie stick for all newlyweds.


St. Lucia has several incredible boutique resorts that we looked at, but in order to get the most out of our budget, we decided to go the all-inclusive route. Sandals has three different resorts on St. Lucia. Although I had the pre-concieved notion that Sandals is completely cheesy and was a little hesitant to pick one of their resorts, it ultimately made the most sense for us to book with Sandals La Toc. I could not be happier that we did! All of my misconceptions about Sandals resorts were completely off-mark. What I loved about staying at La Toc was that our honeymoon felt completely customizable. The resort was huge and had so many different styles of room, a huge variety of restaurants, and different activities or excursions throughout the week. Ryan and I settled on an oceanview room that was located in a tiny house broken up into 4 rooms in the very middle of the resort. With both a pool and the beach directly in front of us and only a short walk to either side of the resort, we couldn't have asked for a better location. 


On top of our room and view being beautiful, I was so impressed with the staff at our hotel. They were incredibly attentive and professional. While the guests are completely encouraged to go at their own pace, the staff were so timely and efficient. We never had to wait for a table to eat, almost always had full drinks in our hands, and a massage therapist even came to visit me poolside to schedule an appointment for my massage (literally the best part of my vacation). 


What I loved the most about St. Lucia is that it is nothing like other Caribbean islands I have visited. It is extremely mountainous and covered in jungle, making it more similar to what you would see in a country like Costa Rica. St. Lucia is especially well-know for their Pitons, which are two extremely sharp mountains that stick out into the ocean. One of the highlights of our honeymoon was taking a catamaran cruise to the southern tip of the island to snorkel and swim at the base of the Pitons. 

If you have a honeymoon or special vacation coming up, I fully recommend St. Lucia! With a beach on one side and jungle on the other, it's the perfect mix of relaxation and adventure.