Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! While Laura is off on her California holiday, I'll be covering Friday Favorites this week solo. Because what's Friday without a little trashy reading?

Overlooked "Gilmore Girls" Guys This is one of my favorite Buzzfeed quizzes I've taken in a long time. I got Dave Rygalski, whom we all know was a total babe. 

Facial Massage Last week at church, the message was all about taking time to rest and enjoying it as a gift. I literally snorted and looked at my mom and said, "bad timing." With the wedding coming up next week and a to-do list a mile long, taking time to rest didn't seem like an option. However, I have tried to be more mindful of my rest the past few days and actually started off my week by indulging in a self-given facial massage. Some of my friends tease me for doing this, but I find them to be so relaxing! Check out one of my favorite tutorial videos and give it a whirl yourself. In case you don't have any oils laying around, I like to use this cleansing oil by Burt's Bees that you can pick up at most drug stores.

Boy Brow I have always had naturally thick and dark eyebrows. Back when the pencil thin eyebrows were the style, I thought this was a curse, but as I've gotten older, I've come to appreciate my brows in their natural state. I don't do anything to fill in my eyebrows today since I don't really need it, but I'm dying to try the Boy Brow from Glossier! Anyone out there tried it before?

J. Crew Sleeve Roll It's after Labor Day, but the heat of summer is still in full force. I always find this to be a tricky time of year for my wardrobe because I'm itching to start wearing some of my fall items, but also don't want to be roasting when I'm outside. This is where the J. Crew sleeve roll comes in. Wear some leftover summer button downs or mix it up with your fall chambray, but stay cool and look great by rolling your sleeves the right way.

Guy's First Week at Target This little gem made it's round on the internet last week, but I just can't get enough. His crazy encounters keep me chuckling.