Quick Weeknight Dinner Hack

Dinner Prep.jpg

While I tend to cook almost every weeknight, it's a stretch to say that I LOVE cooking. I don't usually mind it, but on weeknights I prefer quick and simple meal. 

One of my favorite "hacks" is to pick up fish, usually salmon, at the Kroger butcher counter. For no additional price, the butcher will season the fish and add butter, lemons, and/or fresh herbs before sealing it in an over bag.

I'll frequently stop at the grocery on my way home from work to pick this up instead of purchasing this on my weekly grocery hauls because I don't like fish to sit too long in my fridge. I'm sure other grocery stores have this service, but Kroger is what is most convenient for me.

When I get home, I will chop up some veggies to roast and put everything in the oven. By having the butcher put everything in the oven bag, it makes both the prep work and clean up a breeze.

Real life dinner prep with my sous chef. 

Real life dinner prep with my sous chef. 


I love meals that are easy and on the table in about 30 minutes. What are some of your weeknight dinner hacks?