Front Room: Before

Today, I'm taking the plunge and sharing with you all some very scary "before" pictures of the front room in our new house. Since we moved in at the first of the year, this room has become the catch-all for any items that don't have a nice organized home elsewhere. Currently, it is functioning as half storage/half Ryan's "gaming room" so that we can keep his bulky video game items out of the main room and tucked away somewhere a little more discreet. So, without further ado... (*breathe in, breathe out*)

You guys, THESE PICTURES ARE NOT A DRILL. My husband will tell you that nothing makes me crankier than a disorganized mess, and this room is currently textbook definition of a mess. I've been avoiding it for a month and a half because of this exact reason! From the junk laying on the ground, to the total disregard for order, to the lawn chairs that have somehow become a necessity because we don't own any seating that will fit in this all gives me heart palpitations. This room was supposed to be a space where Ryan could chill out, and that poor, sweet man just sits on a lawn chair contentedly playing his video games. Our neighbors probably think we are the Beverly Hillbillies. 

Above you'll see the before before pictures of this room taken from the Zillow listing of our house, which will give you a bit better of an idea of what we're working with here. For some history, our house used to only be a single story, which means that this room is actually the only original bedroom. In my opinion, its small size and the fact that the windows are right on the front porch make it unsuited for a bedroom, but I think it will make the perfect tiny TV room/office.  

To make this vision become a reality, we are headed to where all 20-somethings on a budget go when they need to furnish a room. Yes, that's right. Ryan and I are renting a truck and headed to our very own Scandinavian Mecca...IKEA. To prepare for our trip this weekend, I've been gathering some inspiration. I really want to take advantage of the beautiful natural light this room gets and select some pieces that feature neutral colors and natural woods. I've been known to change my mind last minute on a shopping trip, but for right now, this is what I'm working with: 

desk | rug | tv unit | lamp | plant | sofa |

The final (or at least mostly final) product will be coming to you in a couple of weeks! Stay tuned!

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