Weekend Unwinding

If you're a reader, this shouldn't come as news to you - we believe in balanced life with times to work, play, and simply unwind. In the past few months Sarah shared some of her favorite ways to relax, and Laura shared how she likes to rejuvenate during the workweek. Having some unstructured time is good for the soul, but so hard to do. There are many weekend mornings we declare as a "coffee drinking, magazine reading morning" only to meet a friend for 8:30 barre or start catching up on household chores. 

One of our favorite things to do every few months is declare a "girls' day," and spend a Saturday with our mom. Usually, our plans consist of lunch and then seeing where the day takes us. There's usually some coffee and retail therapy involved. While we normally don't do anything fancy or expensive, it gives us something to look forward to, and we usually leave the day feeling refreshed. 

We recently spent a girls' day in Louisville. We started at a new-to-us restaurant, the Blue Dog Cafe, for lattes and lunch. We headed to the cutest Louisville boutique, Work the Metal, that has pretty much anything you could want followed by a trip to Nordstrom Rack. We finished off the afternoon with ice cream and hanging out at Sarah's new house.

Fortunately, our husbands are VERY SUPPORTIVE of girls' day and have learned to take FULL advantage of it. On this particular day, one took a road trip to Nashville with a college buddy to go to a basketball game and the other bought a gun with some of his guy pals. 

With the recent weather in Kentucky, we've been wearing lots of layers. Some days are beautiful, warm spring days and others have been quite chilly. This particular girls day started out in the 40s and warmed up to the mid-60s. We found some great pieces for the winter to spring transition at Tobi.com! Sarah's cardigan and Laura's anorak jacket and scarf were perfect layers to throw on for lunch and shopping around town. We love that Tobi offers free shipping and returns on purchases over $50, and they almost always have great sales.

What's your favorite way to unwind on the weekend?