Best Books for Spring Break

Are you headed on a spring break getaway this year? I'd love nothing more than to lounge in a tropical location and read books for a few days, preferably while sipping a fruity cocktail with a little umbrella. Alas, I'm not taking any trips for a couple of months. 

However, I have read a few great books this year that I would recommend to anyone headed out of town soon. My reading interests are varied. I like anything from chick-lit to deeper reads, but my main qualification for vacation books is that they need to be captivating. There's really nothing worse than being stuck on a 4 hour flight with a book that is just meh. All three of these picks are books I would bring on vacation, and they each offer something different.


Small Great Things

Jodi Picoult's books have always been enjoyable reads for me, and her novels tend to center around relationships and families. Picoult's books aren't exactly mysteries, but there are so many complexities to the plot and characters, I find myself always wanting to read "just one more chapter" to find out more. Her most recent book, Small Great Things, examines race, prejudice, and social justice, and is very timely given our current social climate. While I find most of her books thought provoking, this one was very relevant. Check out the full summary here

It Ends with Us

This was the first book I read by Colleen Hoover, and I liked it so much I picked up Confess from the library. (Side note: Confess was good, but I liked It Ends with Us much better.) This novel is a romance with a couple of steamy scenes, but the characters were all well developed and interesting. I thought her writing was also better than a lot of other contemporary romance novels, and Hoover included some heavier subject matter by delving into domestic violence issues. Read more about this book here.


The Singles Game

This book is written by Lauren Weisberger, who is also the author of The Devil Wears Prada, so you can imagine this book falls into the category of chick-lit with a side of drama. It tells the story of professional tennis player working to make her way to the top of the ranks. There's a little bit of scandal involved, which keeps the plot interesting, and the story is just enjoyable and easy to read. Click here for a full summary. This isn't the deepest work of literature, so it is perfect for reading poolside in case you doze off for a few minutes.

I'm late to the game and currently reading Me Before You, and I like it so far. If you're jetting off on a spring break trip, have a daiquiri for me! I'd also love to hear any book recommendations you have!


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