Spring Bucket List

While we're officially three weeks into Spring, there's nothing like the anticipation of Easter and horse racing season to really put me in the mood for the season. Is there anything better than Easter blooms and bright sundresses? 

I looked at my planner last week and realized how full it is for the next few months! On one hand, there's so much to look forward to, and on the other, it's a little overwhelming. I'm hoping to conquer the season by savoring each moment and special time. Here are a few things I'm hoping to enjoy in April and May. 

  • Make a big batch of beaten biscuits - This can be quite the undertaking, but it is worth it for Easter and Keeneland/Derby celebrations.
  • Take a kayaking trip - Spring is the best time in Kentucky to kayak. The water levels are the best in April, or so I'm told.
  • Go to Keeneland as much as possible - Not surprisingly, this is always a goal every April and October. If you've never been, it is SO worth a trip.
  • On a similar note, attend the Kentucky Oaks - This will be my first year going, and I can't wait!
  • Make homemade ice cream - I received a new ice cream maker for my birthday last May and never used it. It's a real tragedy that I'm hoping to rectify soon on a warm day.
  • Sign up for a tennis league - Last year, I made it a goal to pick up tennis after almost 10 years of not playing, and I'm so glad I did! I can't wait to get back on the court this year.
  • Get a skin check - Not as fun as the other items on the list, but something to take care of annually. Even if you don't burn in the sun, everyone should become friends with their dermatologist.
  • Have a picnic - This is one of my favorite ways to have a meal, and I don't do it enough. 
  • Make jam - I made lots of strawberry jam last year and want to continue the tradition. I may also try blackberry this year. I love opening a fresh jar of homemade jam and putting it on toast on a weekend morning.
  • Create beautiful porch pots - I love beautifully full porch planters and love thinking about how to design container gardens. While I miss having a covered front porch, I'm excited to have porch planters that will get some sunlight this year.
  • Resume taking a yoga class once a week - It never fails, once I get in a good rhythm of going to yoga once a week, I fall off the bandwagon. I always feel so much better after a consistent yoga practice.

What's on your bucket list this spring?