A Weird Non-Habit

Jay and I might be one of the weirdest couples I know. There're a lot of reasons I say this (we're both major weirdos), but one thing that ALL of our friends in relationships do is watch movies or TV together. We don't!

Over the course of our 5 year relationship, we've been to the movie theater three times. We saw Lincoln, The Great Gatsby, and some indie documentary that I can't remember the name of. The only movie we've watched at home is Dancing Outlaw, which is a ridiculous documentary about a folk dancer from Appalachia. We did watch HBO's series, The Newsroom, together, but it took us about two years to finish.  

We don't understand this concept.

We don't understand this concept.

We're definitely not anti-TV or screen time, and we both have a couple shows we keep up with. Sometimes I think it would be nice if we had a show we watched together or saw a new movie, so we wouldn't be the couple that literally has nothing to contribute to a conversation about TV, movies, or pop culture in general. We do spend time together at home in the evenings - we linger over dinner on our covered porch, walk the dog, work on house projects, eat ice cream, read in bed, etc. 

How do you and your significant other spend the evening? Do you have any strange habits or non-habits?