40 Before 40


My 30th birthday came and went about 6 months ago, and while I really wanted to spend it somewhere exotic drinking red wine, I was 9 months pregnant. I hoped to make my list of 40 goals to accomplish over the next decade relatively quickly, but I was a little sidetracked. I now have about 9.5 years to work through my list, and to be honest, I wouldn’t have met any of the goals in the last 6 months anyway.

Happy 30th birthday to me! I’m less glamorous than I hoped I’d be at age 30.

Happy 30th birthday to me! I’m less glamorous than I hoped I’d be at age 30.


A few reflections before I share -

  1. It is really hard to think of 40 goals that are big yet attainable.

  2. I could only get to 39. For the life of me, I could not settle on a final goal, so I’m going to take some time to think about that last one.

  3. I have a lot of personal development I need to do!

40 Before 40


  • Establish birthday traditions for Mitchell + future children

  • Establish first and last day of school traditions for Mitchell + future children

  • Celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary

  • Celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary

  • Spend NYE in a different city

  • Celebrate being in my thirties

House Goals

  • Organize our basement into a comfortable and functional space

  • Print and organize photos

  • Plant a flower-cutting garden

  • Be intentional about the “stuff” brought into our home

  • Make our porch and outdoor fire pit cozy and inviting

  • Finish decorating our bedroom

Personal Development and Wellness

  • Run a destination half marathon

  • Master flipping pancakes

  • Disconnect from technology/screens for at least a full weekend every year

  • Perfect a dinner party menu

  • Learn to ski

  • Take a course in something new

  • Learn the basics of photography

  • Establish a meditation practice

  • Be okay with messes (this may take therapy!)

  • Follow through with professional goals

  • Do 25 push-ups in a row

  • Indulge in a fancy spa day

  • Break a bad habit (many that I could choose from…)

  • Read at least 20 books each year

  • Have a signature cocktail

  • Take time every year to reflect and set intentions for the next year


  • Finish having kids

  • Volunteer with Mitchell + future children

  • Spend a day with my family doing random acts of kindness (hopefully yearly)

  • Let my favorite people know what I love about them


  • Visit 3 new (to me) countries

  • Explore 5 new (to me) national parks

  • Take a solo trip (not for work)

  • Visit New England in the fall

  • Take another girls’ trip with my mom and sister

  • Go to a pro-tennis match

  • Spend a weekend in NYC during the holiday season