Weekend Roundup

While Sarah was busy moving into a new place this weekend, I was having a ball NOT doing any heavy lifting!

On Saturday, Jay headed off to a bachelor party, and I caught up on lots of errands and chores around the house that I was unable to do last weekend since we were out of town. Even though catching up days aren’t the most exciting, I love the feeling a clean house, full pantry, and fresh laundry. I also picked up my first CSA share and planted my tomatoes, peppers, and zucchini. I can’t wait for more fresh summer fruits and veggies!


We received greens, strawberries, and radishes from our CSA this week. One reason we signed up for a CSA is to try produce we wouldn’t normally pick. The radishes this week are our first challenge. Other than slicing them and putting them in salads, how do you like to prepare radishes?

On Sunday, we tailgated at the High Hope Steeplechase. I’ve been to Keeneland more times than I can count, but this was my first time at a steeplechase. It was a lot of fun! The weather was gorgeous, and I loved watching the running of the hounds and sidesaddle races! The Kentucky Horse Park is very dog friendly, so we brought Annabelle. There were several activities for dogs, and she participated in the dog racing time trials. Those were almost as fun to watch as the horse races.

We brought made our standard tailgate fare - country ham biscuits. Super easy and always a hit!


Today is the anniversary of adopting Annabelle, so we celebrated last night with a special treat and a party hat. 

Have a wonderful week!


Weekend Roundup and Life Lately

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? As sad as I am to see the weekend go, I’m ready to tackle some major projects this week, and Sarah and I have some fun plans coming up next weekend!

We haven’t shared a weekend recap recently, but I was feeling a little disconnected from the blog the past couple of weeks, so I thought I’d fill you in on what I’ve been up to. These are also some of my favorite types of posts to read on other blogs, and I’m curious about your favorite reads. We’d love for you to share a comment below or send us a message with your feedback!

Since the weather has been really beautiful the past couple of weeks, Annabelle and I have been taking long walks in the evenings. We almost always head to Ashland. Annabelle loves sniffing her way through the grounds, and I love checking out the peony garden this time of year.


I’ve been casually perusing real estate listings and going to open houses since the beginning of this year, but we started seriously looking at new houses the past couple of weeks. Wouldn’t you know, we found a perfect option and put a bid in, only to be out bid a few hours later. The Lexington real estate market is nuts right now! We checked out this house in our neighborhood on Thursday night, and it was gone by Friday. It is one of those houses that I love walking by and daydreaming about what's inside. There were lots of reasons this wasn’t our perfect house, including the fact that it was WAY over our budget, but that kitchen though….

Saturday morning was spent getting our yard back in order for the warmer months. Since we rebuilt our porch last summer, our front yard was destroyed, and I wasn’t able to re-landscape it until the construction was over in August. By that time, all of the plants at the nursery were the 75% off stragglers, which was awesome for our budget, but I was skeptical about their heartiness. I’m happy to report they all survived the winter, and my rhododendrons have even started budding.


On Saturday, Jay surprised me with tickets to Keeneland for finishing graduate school. We had such a crazy schedule during April, I didn’t think I get to go at all, so it was a great surprise. When we were there, he told me he also made dinner reservations at Winchell’s, which is one of my favorites. (Definitely check it out if you’re in Lexington!) After an early morning of spreading mulch and digging up weeds, I was starving and really excited for dinner. Little did I know that he invited some of my closest friends to a surprise celebratory dinner! I was shocked and really grateful for such a great group of friends. Several of them even drove from Louisville. I couldn’t have asked for a better afternoon and evening!

Sunday was spent running errands, taking care of housework, and getting ready for the week, but we managed to get a couple hours of relaxation.

Sunday night vibes at  KY Native Cafe

Sunday night vibes at KY Native Cafe

Cheers to a great week ahead!


Weekend Roundup: Valentine's Day in NuLu

One of my favorite parts about living in Louisville is all of the neighborhoods to explore. Each one has their own flavor and things they are known for, and one of the trendiest neighborhoods right now is NuLu. Even though I work adjacent to NuLu, it isn't often that I have an excuse to make the trek downtown to enjoy the different restaurants and shops that take residence here. This made NuLu the perfect stop along our Valentine's Day itinerary. Our first stop of the evening was the Before I Die wall. This is a piece of community art sponsored by the local Speed Museum where people are encouraged to write the things they dream about doing in life. I've been wanting to write something on this wall since I moved to Louisville but never had a good excuse to stop by. Lucky for us, the Before I Die wall is right next to the restaurant where we were having dinner. Since the wall has been up since 2013, you can see it is really starting to fill up. Hopefully you can tell though that my addition to the wall is saying that I want to marry my Valentine. (Ugh, gag. It is Valentine's Day after all.)


In the words of Ryan, "Never have I made a fatter face." Sorry, babe. Sometimes you just got to do it for the Instagram.

Our second stop was at Decca. Right in the heart of NuLu, Decca has a cozy atmosphere that made it a perfect pick for Valentine's Day. It's known for its seasonally changing menu full of great entrees and even better cocktails. Ryan chose the rib eye and waysider while I had the lamb and little red dress, and there was plenty of sharing in between. Next time we go back, I want to check out Decca's Cellar, which serves a full dinner menu and bar snacks and often has live music.


Although Ryan and I love trying new restaurants in Louisville, I still always have the Grinch in my head repeating, "but what will I wear?!" For Decca, I wore a simple black dress with scallop detail and followed this make-up tutorial for a Valentine's Day eye using my Naked 3 and Too Faced Romantic Eye pallets.

We topped off the night sampling this tart, drinking this wine, and watching this movie.

How did you spend your Valentine's Day weekend?



Planning for Spring in Kentucky


This past weekend, we enjoyed a girls' weekend in Lexington. We saw Mama Mia at the Lexington Opera House and hit up a couple of my favorite restaurants - The Village Idiot and Windy Corner.

Winter starts wearing on me, and I always get in a funk in February. Getting out of the house and laughing with friends always does the trick. This weekend was just what I needed to help combat the funk. I've found that I start planning fun weekend events and vacations for the warmer months around this time of year, so it gives me something to look forward to. Although I like extended vacations, research shows that having more smaller events to look forward to is more beneficial than one larger event, so I've compiled several events that are on my radar right here in Kentucky.

*Side note: Read this and replace "Mom" with "Laura," and you have a legitimate one sided conversation I have with people when talking about Lexington (where I live now), Bowling Green (where my parents live), and Somerset (my husband's hometown). I seriously believe what I say too!

Anyways, Lexington, which has often been overshadowed by Louisville, is becoming a hip and foodie destination in its own right. More entrepreneurs and business owners are changing the landscape of small towns throughout Kentucky for the better. There is definitely plenty to see, do, and eat these days in Kentucky!

March 31 - Old Crow Medicine Show Concert - A classic crowd-pleaser with a cult following. Scoring tickets may be difficult.

April 9 - Under the Streetlamp - This show features the past performers from Jersey Boys, which is one of my favorites! Guaranteed to hear some doo-wop and Motown favorites, and probably some coordinated foot action as well!

May 22 High Hope Steeplechase - I say I'm going to go to this every year, and something always comes up. I hope to make it this year!

June 1-12 Phantom of the Opera - Another great Broadway favorite! Sarah shared how she won free tickets to KyPAC in this post, so you Louisvillians may want to try it for yourself.

June 10-12 Lake Cumberland 360 - If you're a fan of the lake during this summertime, this festival includes activities beyond the normal lake day. We've participated in the bike ride before.

June 11 Beer Cheese Festival - I've never been to this quirky festival before, but I've heard it's a good time. What's not to love about beer cheese?

July 8-9 Master Musicians Festival - This falls during the same month as Forecastle in Louisville, but I like this music festival so much more! It is laid back, lawn chair friendly, and normally has a good selection of food and drinks.

Do you have any plans for warmer months?



Weekend Recap

If you reside in the Bluegrass or really anywhere in the Upper-South/Mid-Atlantic region, then you were probably snowed in for much of the weekend like we were. During January and February, I relish snow days and think they are good for the soul. They force people to slow down and take some time to rest from the normal bustle of life. However, by March, I definitely have spring fever and am ready to be outside without having to bundle up. Other than heading out for the UK vs. Vanderbilt basketball game on Saturday, we spent much of the weekend playing in the snow, curled up with hot beverages and books, and eating comfort food.

On Friday, I was so tempted to make a big batch of chocolate chip cookies, but I satisfied my baking bug by making this honey wheat bread. However, by Sunday, I couldn't hold out any longer and just made some cookies. I also made a big batch of The Pioneer Woman's potato soup that we're still enjoying. I substituted milk for half of the heavy cream in the recipe, and I think it still tastes decadent.

Here are some scenes I snapped of our weekend:


We also stopped by the Bluegrass Barkery this weekend to pick up some of these Pawz booties and a few treats. After a light snow last Wednesday and the snowstorm this weekend, the pads on the bottom of her paws were getting red and irritated from the ice and salt. These little booties were great to put on her before walks and playing in the snow. She normally doesn't like wearing anything, but she tolerated these better than I anticipated. The booties are reusable and disposable, so they come in packs of 12. Annabelle wore the same booties for several days, and they are still in good shape. The pack will definitely last all winter and possibly even into next winter. If you have a dog that you walk frequently, I definitely recommend these booties!

I hope you're well rested and ready to take on the week! Cheers!