Weekend Roundup

While Sarah was busy moving into a new place this weekend, I was having a ball NOT doing any heavy lifting!

On Saturday, Jay headed off to a bachelor party, and I caught up on lots of errands and chores around the house that I was unable to do last weekend since we were out of town. Even though catching up days aren’t the most exciting, I love the feeling a clean house, full pantry, and fresh laundry. I also picked up my first CSA share and planted my tomatoes, peppers, and zucchini. I can’t wait for more fresh summer fruits and veggies!


We received greens, strawberries, and radishes from our CSA this week. One reason we signed up for a CSA is to try produce we wouldn’t normally pick. The radishes this week are our first challenge. Other than slicing them and putting them in salads, how do you like to prepare radishes?

On Sunday, we tailgated at the High Hope Steeplechase. I’ve been to Keeneland more times than I can count, but this was my first time at a steeplechase. It was a lot of fun! The weather was gorgeous, and I loved watching the running of the hounds and sidesaddle races! The Kentucky Horse Park is very dog friendly, so we brought Annabelle. There were several activities for dogs, and she participated in the dog racing time trials. Those were almost as fun to watch as the horse races.

We brought made our standard tailgate fare - country ham biscuits. Super easy and always a hit!


Today is the anniversary of adopting Annabelle, so we celebrated last night with a special treat and a party hat. 

Have a wonderful week!


Friday Favorites


After a mini-snowcation last weekend, I had a major case of the Mondays that I never really recovered from. Since it looks like the weather is going to be really nice for this time of year, I'm hoping to hop on my bike for a long ride on Saturday.

Shine Theory Ok, so shine theory is not necessarily a new idea, and honestly, it shouldn't even be that radical of an idea for us women. However, it's been on my mind a lot lately! It's so common that whenever one woman experiences success, we use it as an excuse to compare ourselves to her in a negative light. Shine theory says that instead of giving in to this destructive knee-jerk reaction, befriend that woman because learning about all of those things that make her shine can help encourage you to shine too. It's the associative property of awesomeness. - Sarah

Valentine's Day Movie List I'm always up for a good rom-com, so I really don't need an upcoming holiday as an excuse to watch one of these movies. Nevertheless, I'm hoping to watch one of these flicks this weekend. - Laura

Hound Runs Half Marathon When everyone in our family saw this news story, we immediately thought that this would be something Sarah's dog, Lou, would do! This Alabama hound came in 6th place despite stopping to smell a bunny,visit another dog, and hang out with some cows and mules. Hilarious! - Laura

Spring Dress We still have a couple more months of winter in Kentucky, but I'm already ready to pack away my tights, boots, and heavy coats. I love this casual dress with the longer sleeves, which is perfect for 60 degree spring days. With a boat neck and navy and white stripes, what more could you want? - Laura

These look seriously tasty!

Cheers to a fabulous weekend!


Weekend Recap

If you reside in the Bluegrass or really anywhere in the Upper-South/Mid-Atlantic region, then you were probably snowed in for much of the weekend like we were. During January and February, I relish snow days and think they are good for the soul. They force people to slow down and take some time to rest from the normal bustle of life. However, by March, I definitely have spring fever and am ready to be outside without having to bundle up. Other than heading out for the UK vs. Vanderbilt basketball game on Saturday, we spent much of the weekend playing in the snow, curled up with hot beverages and books, and eating comfort food.

On Friday, I was so tempted to make a big batch of chocolate chip cookies, but I satisfied my baking bug by making this honey wheat bread. However, by Sunday, I couldn't hold out any longer and just made some cookies. I also made a big batch of The Pioneer Woman's potato soup that we're still enjoying. I substituted milk for half of the heavy cream in the recipe, and I think it still tastes decadent.

Here are some scenes I snapped of our weekend:


We also stopped by the Bluegrass Barkery this weekend to pick up some of these Pawz booties and a few treats. After a light snow last Wednesday and the snowstorm this weekend, the pads on the bottom of her paws were getting red and irritated from the ice and salt. These little booties were great to put on her before walks and playing in the snow. She normally doesn't like wearing anything, but she tolerated these better than I anticipated. The booties are reusable and disposable, so they come in packs of 12. Annabelle wore the same booties for several days, and they are still in good shape. The pack will definitely last all winter and possibly even into next winter. If you have a dog that you walk frequently, I definitely recommend these booties!

I hope you're well rested and ready to take on the week! Cheers!


Friday Favorites


We made it folks! It's Friday! Time to give your friends a high five, do a cartwheel, and hit that dougie. But before you do, check out our favorites nuggets of fun from this week.

  1. Christmas Card Displays December is my favorite month for mail because I love receiving Christmas cards. I've never had a great system for displaying them, so I'm going to DIY one of these ideas this weekend. Now if I could just decide which display I'd like to try... - Laura
  2. Serial Season 2 The Serial podcast is a mutual obsession shared by Laura and I. We developed an intense curiosity about the story of Adnan Syed and his accused murder during season one. Season two is taking a different spin on things by looking into the story of Bowe Berghdal, an American soldier previously held prisoner by the Taliban and also charged with two crimes related to his supposed desertion from the Army. I listened to the first episode last night while cooking dinner, and I can already feel a new weekly ritual coming on. - Sarah
  3. Dogs Starring in Nativity Scenes Because is there anything cuter than dogs in costumes? - Laura
  4. Pickin' On Coldplay If you're a fan of bluegrass music, like all true Kentuckians are, then you have to check out the Pickin' On series. Pickin' On pays tribute to a variety of popular bands, but my favorite at the moment is their tribute to Coldplay. The bluegrass cover of Shiver will be your perfect soundtrack to a quiet Friday morning. - Sarah
  5. Ornament Exchange Even though most of my close girlfriends live all over the Bluegrass, we still like to get together for special occasions, holidays included. Next week we are meeting up in a central location (for us, that means Elizabethtown) for a holiday dinner and ornament exchange. Since many of us are just getting started in our careers, an ornament exchange is a fun way for us to treat each other to a gift, but also stay on budget! - Sarah


Laura & Sarah