Planning for Spring in Kentucky


This past weekend, we enjoyed a girls' weekend in Lexington. We saw Mama Mia at the Lexington Opera House and hit up a couple of my favorite restaurants - The Village Idiot and Windy Corner.

Winter starts wearing on me, and I always get in a funk in February. Getting out of the house and laughing with friends always does the trick. This weekend was just what I needed to help combat the funk. I've found that I start planning fun weekend events and vacations for the warmer months around this time of year, so it gives me something to look forward to. Although I like extended vacations, research shows that having more smaller events to look forward to is more beneficial than one larger event, so I've compiled several events that are on my radar right here in Kentucky.

*Side note: Read this and replace "Mom" with "Laura," and you have a legitimate one sided conversation I have with people when talking about Lexington (where I live now), Bowling Green (where my parents live), and Somerset (my husband's hometown). I seriously believe what I say too!

Anyways, Lexington, which has often been overshadowed by Louisville, is becoming a hip and foodie destination in its own right. More entrepreneurs and business owners are changing the landscape of small towns throughout Kentucky for the better. There is definitely plenty to see, do, and eat these days in Kentucky!

March 31 - Old Crow Medicine Show Concert - A classic crowd-pleaser with a cult following. Scoring tickets may be difficult.

April 9 - Under the Streetlamp - This show features the past performers from Jersey Boys, which is one of my favorites! Guaranteed to hear some doo-wop and Motown favorites, and probably some coordinated foot action as well!

May 22 High Hope Steeplechase - I say I'm going to go to this every year, and something always comes up. I hope to make it this year!

June 1-12 Phantom of the Opera - Another great Broadway favorite! Sarah shared how she won free tickets to KyPAC in this post, so you Louisvillians may want to try it for yourself.

June 10-12 Lake Cumberland 360 - If you're a fan of the lake during this summertime, this festival includes activities beyond the normal lake day. We've participated in the bike ride before.

June 11 Beer Cheese Festival - I've never been to this quirky festival before, but I've heard it's a good time. What's not to love about beer cheese?

July 8-9 Master Musicians Festival - This falls during the same month as Forecastle in Louisville, but I like this music festival so much more! It is laid back, lawn chair friendly, and normally has a good selection of food and drinks.

Do you have any plans for warmer months?