Reality Check in 2016

After indulging in sweet treats, cheesy hors-d-oevres, and several glasses of champagne on New Year’s Eve, the first thing I put in my mouth on the morning of January 1st was a big old bite of a chocolate chip cookie. Great start to 2016, huh?

Let’s be honest, just because it’s a new year doesn’t mean we magically turn into new people. Even those of us with the strongest willpower are still versions of our old selves. I respect the ambition of those who set resolutions for the New Year, and conversely, I respect the practical and realistic folks who adamantly don’t set resolutions for the New Year.

Moderate that I am, I tend to fall somewhere in between. As someone who is naturally introverted and introspective, I find myself reflecting on goals and personal improvements several times a year, and I think the break from normal routines and schedules around the holidays allows for a little time to reflect on ways to improve.

The number one thing on my list to work on is prioritizing my family and friends because is there really anything more important than those people?

This past weekend, Jay and I planned to go to the UK v. Ole Miss basketball game. As it turns out, Sarah and my mom scored tickets to the UK game too, so the plan was for them to swing by the house a little bit before the game, and we would head to the game that evening. That left me a free day to grocery shop, do laundry, tackle a few projects around the house, and go to yoga class before rewarding myself with the game. Perfect!

Then, my dad calls and says he plans to ride with my mom from Bowling Green to have dinner with us and hang out with Annabelle (our super cute golden mutt) during the game. Okay, maybe I’ll save laundry for Sunday. Friday night rolls around, and I find out that my uncle will be in town and needs to pick up something from my parents. He plans to meet at our house at 4:00, and he’s bringing a friend. Nix the painting project, and be sure to vacuum and clean the dog hair off the couch. On Saturday morning, a dear friend happens to be in town and texts me to see if I can get lunch. No yoga, and I’m going to have to double time my efforts to get everything ready before 4:00 (really 3:30 because my family is notoriously early).

I share all of this to let you know I was flat out humbled and realized I have a LOT of personal growth to work on in 2016 and beyond. My anxious, OCD self was stressed and frazzled every time I found out I would have another “interruption” in my day. Sheesh! As you might have already guessed, January 2 turned out to be a great day! I saw several people I love and enjoyed spending time with each of them. I know I’ll remember the meals and time I shared with them, and I’ve already forgotten about the to-do list.

My other works in progress are…

  1. Serve others more
  2. Make better use of mornings
  3. Grow Kindly Kentucky
  4. Become more mindful

I'll spare you from the specific, measurable action items I plan to take to achieve each of those goals, but I hope to share some positive updates throughout the year. Best wishes for a great start to 2016!