Weekend Roundup: Valentine's Day in NuLu

One of my favorite parts about living in Louisville is all of the neighborhoods to explore. Each one has their own flavor and things they are known for, and one of the trendiest neighborhoods right now is NuLu. Even though I work adjacent to NuLu, it isn't often that I have an excuse to make the trek downtown to enjoy the different restaurants and shops that take residence here. This made NuLu the perfect stop along our Valentine's Day itinerary. Our first stop of the evening was the Before I Die wall. This is a piece of community art sponsored by the local Speed Museum where people are encouraged to write the things they dream about doing in life. I've been wanting to write something on this wall since I moved to Louisville but never had a good excuse to stop by. Lucky for us, the Before I Die wall is right next to the restaurant where we were having dinner. Since the wall has been up since 2013, you can see it is really starting to fill up. Hopefully you can tell though that my addition to the wall is saying that I want to marry my Valentine. (Ugh, gag. It is Valentine's Day after all.)


In the words of Ryan, "Never have I made a fatter face." Sorry, babe. Sometimes you just got to do it for the Instagram.

Our second stop was at Decca. Right in the heart of NuLu, Decca has a cozy atmosphere that made it a perfect pick for Valentine's Day. It's known for its seasonally changing menu full of great entrees and even better cocktails. Ryan chose the rib eye and waysider while I had the lamb and little red dress, and there was plenty of sharing in between. Next time we go back, I want to check out Decca's Cellar, which serves a full dinner menu and bar snacks and often has live music.


Although Ryan and I love trying new restaurants in Louisville, I still always have the Grinch in my head repeating, "but what will I wear?!" For Decca, I wore a simple black dress with scallop detail and followed this make-up tutorial for a Valentine's Day eye using my Naked 3 and Too Faced Romantic Eye pallets.

We topped off the night sampling this tart, drinking this wine, and watching this movie.

How did you spend your Valentine's Day weekend?



Friday Favorites


I scored this cute valentine at the Louisville Papersource.

Check out this week's roundup of things that we thought were a llama fun!

Inner WKU Spirit Growing up in Bowling Green, we both have a special place in our hearts for WKU.  After taking this silly quiz, we have determined that Laura is a White Squirrel, and Sarah is Big Red. So typical.

Athleisure With several trips coming up this spring, I've been on the hunt for a pair of cute sneaks. I loved the slip-on trend that popped up last year, but never really found a pair that I liked enough to buy. This year, it seems like they are everywhere. I'm especially loving these in rose gold with a lasercut pattern.

Getting Married Is Not An Accomplishment I have to admit that when I first saw this title, I thought to myself, "oh just another one of those articles telling me why/why not getting married is the right thing to do" *insert eye roll*. However, after reading it, Natalie Brooke presents a very valid point. So whether you're celebrating this Valentine's Day weekend with a significant other or not, remember that love is just one of many parts of a girl's life to celebrate (and not always the most important).

I Just Want To Hang With My Dog  I love a good graphic tee for hanging out at home or running errands around town. Recently I stumbled across this one on Etsy. Not only does it speak the truth, but 20% of all profits are donated to animal shelters!

Decadent Valentine's Day Treat I first tasted this brownie tart at a birthday celebration for a friend. His girlfriend (now wife) had made it for us all to share, and I immediately asked for the recipe and went out to buy a springform pan. Believe me when I say that this tart is decadent and that a little sliver will go a long way. I will definitely be sharing this treat with my Valentine this weekend.


Laura & Sarah

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day in elementary school was just the best! I loved picking out my box of Valentine cards, carefully tearing down the perforated lines of the card stock, selecting which card I would give to my closest friends and secret crush, and taping a piece of chocolate on each one. I loved decorating my shoe box that would become my Valentine mailbox and making crafts out of pink and red construction paper and doilies. I loved looking through all of my cards during my afternoon ride home on the school bus. Seriously, it was one of the best days of the year! Then middle school happened, and Valentine's Day became one of my least favorite days. It became a stressful holiday where I had to think about romance or worse - the lack of romance in my life, depending on the year. Although I've been fortunate enough to have the BEST Valentine the past few years, it still stresses me out. Candlelight dining and the pressure to make the evening feel special is just too much for me.

Around this time every year, Jay and I hesitantly look at each other and agree to not exchange gifts. Inevitably, he'll surprise me with flowers, and I'll make him a sweet treat. We'll decide to do something together because that is way more fun than receiving heart-shaped jewelry. A couple of years ago, I happened to be in San Antonio for a work event that ended on Friday, so Jay flew up and joined me for the rest of the Valentine's weekend. We rode bikes to missions along the river, ate well, and enjoyed the 75 degree weather. It was the best!


This year, we have less time to get away and are planning a longer trip for later in the year, so we're heading to one of my favorite places in Central Kentucky - Shaker Village! We are spending the night, going to brunch, and if the weather cooperates, hiking and exploring the village in the afternoon. It should be just long enough to feel like a mini-getaway.

If you haven't been to Shaker Village recently, it has seriously gotten cool. There are so many events I want to go to in the next few months, from beer and bourbon tastings to concerts to yoga and paddle boarding. We're heading to the Bee My Honey Brunch, which couldn't be more perfect for us with brunch fare, honey, and bourbon.

One thing that I do like to do on Valentine's Day is have a festive outfit. Since it falls in the middle of winter, little red dresses and pink skirts are out of the question in Kentucky. Because we're having a casual Valentine's Day, I'm all about being comfortable and wearing practical clothing. Here's what I'll be packing for our weekend...

Sweater    Blouse    Jeans    Nail Polish    Bracelet    Flats


I'd love to hear your thoughts on Valentine's Day! Some people love the romance and others prefer to pass on celebrating. What will you be up to?