Friday Favorites


I feel like Matt Bellassai when I say this, but does anyone else think the weeks after holidays are the worst?  In reality, we had a pretty good week, but Monday morning was rough. Here's some fun tidbits we stumbled upon this week.

  1. Elf is the best Christmas movie ever! Elf is definitely at the top of my list of favorite Christmas movies. My mom, sister, and I went to see it in theaters when it came out in 2003, and the three of us  laughed more than anyone else in the theater. I'm sure I'll watch the film a couple times this month, but this list already had me in stitches. - Laura
  2. Weekender Bags One item that was top of my to-do list this year was to replace my luggage. I was gifted my first luggage set in high school, but add on lots of travel during my college years plus a strange hook and pulley system used to raise my luggage to the top of a 4-story canal house in Amsterdam, and my bags were basically being held together with duct tape. Part of my luggage replacement included a new weekender bag, which is definitely one of my most used pieces. I love this list put together by The Everygirl of weekenders that are as affordable as they are attractive. My weekender, the Mason Satchel from Sole Society, even makes a guest appearance in the number 1 spot. It will be your perfect accessory for holiday travel! – Sarah
  3. Keep Your Eyes on Your Own Mat I’ve been consistent in my yoga practice recently, which has helped me become more mindful of its spiritual aspects. While this is a short read on yoga, it brings up two points that are applicable to life: keep your eyes on your own mat and let go of things you cannot control. As everything seems to be heightened during the holiday season-emotions, materialism, activities,etc.-this is a mantra I'm trying to keep in mind. - Laura
  4. Christmas Decorating for Small Spaces As much as I love my industrial-style loft, it can sometimes present itself as a design challenge. Although I sprung for a tiny alpine tree this year (50% off at Hobby Lobby for the win), I would definitely consider some of these decorating tips as Christmas tree alternatives. My personal favorite is the vignette of candles and greenery. I think it would look as pretty on a coffee table as it would as a centerpiece for my teeny tiny kitchen table. – Sarah
  5. Holiday Photo Features Grumpy 3-Year-Old Our family definitely has more than one of these types of photos. Sometimes you just don't want to stand still and smile at the camera while wearing a stuffy outfit. I love that the family saw the humor in this photo and slapped it on a Christmas card. This year, we had our own struggles getting the perfect picture... - Laura


Laura & Sarah

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! This week was a doozey, and we’re really glad it’s the weekend! Here are a few tidbits that helped to pull us through the week.

  1. Share a Drink at Starbucks

My coffee is usually homebrewed, so Starbucks is a rare treat for me. Although I don’t hop on the PSL bandwagon, I’m definitely looking forward to the first peppermint mocha latte of the season. Say what you will about the red cups, I’m planning to have a coffee date with my mom tomorrow. There is a buy one holiday drink get one free deal from 2-5 PM each day this weekend. It would be a great time to catch up with a friend or family member! - Laura

  1. Ted Talk: The Career Advice You Probably Didn’t Get

Ted Talks are one of my favorite things to watch whenever I have some time to kill. Recently I’ve been on a kick of reading/watching anything career related, especially when it applies to females in the workplace. This particular Ted Talk was shared with me by my mentor. As a female in a corporate environment, some of the career advice I receive can be menial—avoid upspeak, wear your hair pulled back, don’t say “like,” be more confident…While some of those things are important (maybe not the hair one, in my opinion), I love this Ted Talk because it brings it back to the basics. Our greatest assets in the workplace, man or woman, are our minds. - Sarah

  1. Whine About It

Anytime I need a quick laugh, Matt Bellassai from Buzzfeed is my go-to guy. Matt’s best known for his weekly video series, Whine About It, where he basically drinks wine at his desk and says every inappropriate complaint that has ever gone through my head. He just started season two of Whine About It, so now is the perfect time to start watching if you’ve never seen his videos before. My favorite quote from his latest video, Types of Food that are the Worst, is that “ramen is just a spaghetti noodle that went for a perm.” - Sarah

  1. Ankle Bootie Tips

I’m slowly embracing the bootie trend. For the first couple of years, I thought they were too trendy for me to try to pull off, and then when I realized that they might fit into my wardrobe, I didn’t really know how to wear them with different outfits. This style guide has been my go-to! With the exception of the bare legs and socks look, I feel like I could wear each of these styles. I’m currently on the prowl for some neutral flat booties that I could wear with jeans on the weekends, and I’d love to see your favorites! - Laura

  1. Yoga on the Go

Creative Yoga is a new hot yoga studio opening a mere block away from my house next week. I’m so excited! While perusing their website in anticipation of their opening, I found this nifty guide to yoga on the go. I’m no stranger to the quad stretch, and my colleagues frequently walk by my office and find me doing eagle arms while reading an email. You bet I’ll be trying out some of these other poses for a little refresher during the workday! - Laura

What's been on your radar this week?


Laura & Sarah