Weekend Roundup: Winchester Wedding

I just got back from a wedding weekend in Winchester, KY for my close college friend, Logan, and her new husband, Spencer. Although I’m only 23, several of my close friends are married. Talk about a reality check! This was my fourth time being a bridesmaid, and my seventh time playing a role in a wedding in general. *cue Katherine Heigl from 27 Dresses* All that aside, I can honestly say that this particular wedding was one of the prettiest I have attended. Logan was brave by having an outdoor wedding in November, but once I saw the venue, I immediately knew why. She was married on a bison ranch comprised of the tell-tale rolling hills of Central Kentucky. Being late fall, the trees were showing off their last few days of bright orange and yellow leaves. Of course I forgot to snap a pic of the breathtaking landscape (beginner blogger probs), but you can catch a glimpse below behind me and my forever wedding date/boyfriend, Ryan.

Wedding pic

While I'm lucky that my friends have done a great job picking out bridesmaid dresses in the past, this can definitely be a point of stress as a bridesmaid. Let's be real -- there is no dress out there that can universally fit all body types, and I definitely don't want to be wearing one that showcases the two bags of Halloween candy I bought on sale last week. One of the best parts about Logan's wedding was that she let us buy any dress we wanted as long as it fit in the wedding scheme. Seriously -- best decision ever.

I got my dress from Ann Taylor. Who knew that Ann Taylor carries a wedding collection?! It was the perfect floor length, blush colored dress for the occassion.



Where is your favorite place to look for formal dresses?